Kids Dj Courses


We believe in opening the doors to musical exploration for young people, providing kids with the tools to express themselves creatively, be adventurous with technology, and build confidence. Our 2hr Kids Dj Course is designed for 6-14 year olds and provides a sound understanding of the beat mixing  process using industry standard equipment and a large range of  Dj controllers that are available today.

Students are exposed to the major types of equipment and software currently being used in the world of DJ’ing . Our Kids Dj Course aims to give complete beginners a head start by providing detailed practical demonstrations, valuable tips & tricks and a hands on experience using entry level Dj controllers through to the industry standard Pioneer CDJ’s 2000’s.

This course will save students months of pain and frustration when practicing  techniques at home.
Ideal for people that have recently purchased their first set of DJ equipment or those who are planning on doing so in the near future and would like to gain some foundation and understanding of what equipment they need to  suit their budget and basic techniques they need to become well rounded DJ’s.



Course Outline:

Equipment Setup

Music theory & Track Structure The Beat Mixing Process

Mixing With Cdj’s & Midi Controllers

How To Do a Beat Mix

Other Mixing And Transition Styles

                               Trakor Scratch, Serato & Virtual Dj,Trakor Scratch



Duration : 2 hrs

                                                         Students :1

                                                         Cost : $200

ph : 0417 501 78