Beginner Dj Course

Covering such skills as: Basic Mixing Techniques (Including Beat Mixing), Cueing, Jog Wheel and Pitch Control, Mixer and Effects, Track Placement & Track Recognition/ Formula.

Students are taught on Industry Standard equipment 2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000’s or 2 x Technics 1210 Mk5 and a DJM 800 mixer. Advice is given on buying the right Dj equipment to suit not only what you really need out of your gear but also to suit your budget. We help students with navigating the vast amount of music websites available today and find a unique style for the genre(s) of music they are looking for      

Suitable for beginners of all levels*, no prior Dj experience is necessary. Students do not have to own Dj equipment to participate in this course. Student that do own their own equipment such as Dj controllers using Traktor Scratch Pro, Serato and Virtual Dj ect are welcome to bring them along to the lessons and have the equipment integrated into the course. Completing this course students will have aquired the knowledge required to DJ successfully by beat mixing



       images dj2 Course Outline:

         How To Set Up And Use Your Equipment

       Timing & Track Placement

        Cueing, Mixer & Eq Control, Working Jog Wheel & Pitch Control

                                                   Mixing With Cd Players & Turntables

Digital Dj Systems & Midi Controllers

Track Selection & Organising your music

Navigating websites & Music Genres


Students : 1

       Duration : 4 Weeks


      Time : 2hrs per week



 PHONE : 0417 501 782