Advanced DJ Course


This Course is designed to expand on students existing Dj-ing skills covering such topics as:

Advanced Mixing Techniques, Integrating Eq’s Effects & looping, Advanced Harmonic (Key) Mixing, Cross Format Mixing (CD, Vinyl, USB & Digital Dj Systems) and Creating DEMO MIXES.

We’ll demonstrate how to use CDs, USB and software as a musical instrument, using the full range of turntablist skills. From advanced mixing techniques to total mixer abuse, the advanced DJ course will demonstrate how beat juggling, tricks, looping & effects can add an extra dimension to your DJ repertoire..

*It is required that all participants in the Advanced Dj Course can BEAT MIX and understand BASIC EQUIPMENT FUNCTIONS

*Suitable for Dj’s that have either completed the “Beginner Dj Course” and Semi-professional Dj’s who want to enhance their skill level, gain industry work and break into the club music scene.



Paul-Oakenfold-wallpaper-hd-facing-the-crowd-from-dj-booth1-1024x705Course Outline

Integrating Eq’s & Effects

Advanced Harmonic Mixing

Looping & Working with Samples

Drops, Fills, Tricks & Spin Backs

Programming and Recording your own Demo Mix


How to get your first Gig

Other Mixing And Transition Styles


Students : 1

Duration : 4 Week

Time : 2hrs per week

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Cost: $650